Department of Automatic Control

at the Institute of Industrial Automation 

of the Spanish National Research Council - CSIC









The Department of Automatic Control at the Institute of Industrial Automation of the C.S.I.C. has, as a major goal, to carry out Research and Technical Development regarding the analysis, design and synthesis of automatic control systems. The main activities are focused on theoretical research, on training of scientific personnel in the field of automatic control and robotics (by means of Ph.D. and M.Sc. thesis preparation), and on proposal preparation and the subsequent execution of RTD projects that are significantly concentrated into solving the problems that new generation robots are placing. The obtention of pre-competitive RTD projects yields to a clear and sound promotion of both medium-term and long-term research directions. In the present days it can be considered that our research directions are grouped under the following three: Control Theory; Robots for Hazardous Environments: Specific Manipulators and Climbing&Walking Robots; and, Control Systems for Electromechanical Drivers. 

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