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Mª Dolores del Castillo, PhD in Physics at UCM from 1990, started her research career in CSIC and she is in the scientific staff in the Centro de Automática y Robótica. Her research areas include artificial intelligence and machine learning disciplines applied to knowledge discovery, cognitive science and brain-computer interfaces. She has collaborated in more than 30 public and private funding projects. Application fields of her research have evolved from automating industrial process and generating robots’ behavior, passing by knowledge discovery in exhaustive data volumes and computational linguistics to more recently, focused on building psychological and biological plausible behavior models and technological platforms for human-machine interfacing. All this work has been oriented to understanding, assistance or rehabilitation of brain and human being by participating in multidisciplinary teams. She is co-author in more than one hundred publications (indexed journals, book chapters, congresses) and two patents. She has directed four doctoral theses and several master works. She has been invited to give lectures conferences and seminars. more...


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SyMSS: A syntax-based measure for short-text semantic similarity
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Locomotor training through a novel robotic platform for gait rehabilitation in pediatric population: short report
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation

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