The robotics challenge Robotize Your Idea will offer the possibility of presenting the innovative ideas in the RoboCity16 Conference. The presentation is very easy, you only need to download the form and fill it with 100 words description and optional picture/figure/scheme. Finally, register your idea before May 20th. The maximum number of submissions per person is 3 (three).
The ideas will be presented in less than three minutes (May, 26th at the conference).

There are four categories of ideas:

  • Service/healthcare robotics,
  • Industrial/Construction robotics,
  • Aerospace/Security robotics,
  • Education/Entertainment robots, and
  • Other

The winners and finalists of each category will have the following prices:


  • Special mention prizes (3 first qualified): Invitation to the Brokerage Event of RoboCity16
  • Diploma for the three first qualified

“Robotize Your Idea” concept and form is available for download here (Please, attach this form with your “Registration Form” at the Registration tab and click therein “Robotize Your Idea” option):


Welcome to RoboCity16 Conference

Open RoboCity16 Conference main goal is to present the efforts of RoboCity2030* consortium focusing in the future trends and recent robotic research and applications. Although focused on the works developed at RoboCity2030* consortium, the conference is open for good quality submissions from any region or country. RoboCity16 Conference will be an excellent forum for exchange of knowledge among researchers, industry, end-users and administrations. The conference will pay special attention to recent advances in robotics and expect to have contributions presenting not only concepts and methodologies but also their practical validation and experimental testing in the lab and/or in the industry.

*RoboCity2030-III-CM – Robótica aplicada a la mejora de la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos, fase III; S2013/MIT- 2748, financiado por los Programas de Actividades I+D en la Comunidad de Madrid y cofinanciado por los Fondos Estructurales de la Unión Europea.


RoboCity16 Call for Papers is available for download:




Organised by:


Centre for Automation and Robotics


RoboCity2030 Consortium

Logos consorcio de robocity_02

General Chairman

Manuel A. Armada Rodríguez, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain


Organizing Committee

Roemi Emilia Fernández Saavedra, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Héctor Montes Franceschi, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain


Programme Committee

Carlos Balaguer, UC3M, Spain

Miguel A. Salichs, UC3M, Spain

Rafael Aracil, UPM, Spain

Manuel Armada, CSIC, Spain

Luis M. Bergasa, UAH, Spain

José M. Cañas, URJC, Spain

Carlos Cerrada, UNED, Spain

Eduardo Silles, UC3M, Spain

Manuel Ferre, , CAR UPM-CSIC, Spain

Rodolfo Haber, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Pablo González de Santos, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Elena García, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Ángela Ribeiro, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Carlos González, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Antonio Ramón Jiménez, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Fenando Seco, CAR CSIC-UPM, Spain

Luis Moreno, UC3M, Spain

Ramón Barber, UC3M, Spain

Mohamed Abderrahim, UC3M, Spain

Alberto Jardón, UC3M, Spain

Concepción A. Monje, UC3M, Spain

María Malfaz, UC3M, Spain

Álvaro Castro, UC3M, Spain

José Carlos Castillo, UC3M, Spain

Juan G. Victores, UC3M, Spain

Dolores Blanco, UC3M, Spain

Elena López, UAH, Spain

Rafael Barea, UAH, Spain

Manuel Ocaña, UAH, Spain

Miguel A. García Garrido, UAH, Spain

Francisco Martín Rico, URJC, Spain

José Antonio Cerrada, UNED, Spain

Pedro J. Herrera, UNED, Spain

Open RoboCity16 Conference will pay special attention to recent advances in robotics and expect to have contributions presenting not only concepts and methodologies but also their practical validation and experimental testing in the lab and/or in the industry. Future trends approaches will be very welcomed. The conference topics included, but not limited, are:

  • agricultural robotic systems
  • assistive and rehabilitation robotics
  • biomimetic robots
  • cloud computing
  • cognitive systems
  • cooperative systems
  • control architectures
  • decision support systems
  • distributed & networked systems
  • distributed robotic systems
  • educational robotics
  • ethical & legal robotic issues
  • human-robot interaction
  • humanoid robotics
  • hybrid intelligent systems
  • computer vision and image processing
  • localization, mapping and navigation
  • locomotion and actuation systems

  • marine robotics
  • medical robotics
  • multi-robot systems
  • new mechanism design
  • parallel robots
  • personal and service robotics
  • planning and control
  • remote handling & tele robotics
  • robotic competitions
  • robot learning
  • sensors & actuators
  • robotic simulation
  • social robots
  • soft robotics
  • space robotics
  • swarm robotics
  • tactile & haptics devices
  • unmanned aerial systems
  • underwater robotics

RoboCity16 Call for Papers is available for download:



The technical program of the conference will feature Regular Papers and Special Session Papers. Please submit full draft papers in WORD and PDF format directly through the link below by the indicated deadline for consideration for inclusion in the relevant category. Final accepted papers will be limited to 8 pages in length in the prescribed style format given in the paper submission page of the conference web-site.

submit paper

All papers will be peer reviewed, and all accepted papers (subject to registration) will be published in the conference proceedings.

Authors should follow this template for their contributions: MS Word Template


Presentation guidelines and time plan:

Format of Oral Presentations:

  • Regular presentations: A 15-minutes slot is allocated to each regular oral presentation, of which 10 minutes are assigned to the presentation, 3 minutes to discussion and 2 minutes to changing sessions.
  • Plenary presentations: A 50-minutes slot is allocated to plenary presentations, of which 40 minutes are assigned to the presentation, up to 8 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for changing sessions.

Presenters and sessions chairs are advised to observe the above format strictly.

More information will follow…

Important Dates

  • Deadline for paper submission: 15th April, 2016. [Extended deadline: 20th April, 2016]
  • Acceptance notification: 22nd April, 2016. [Extended acceptance notification: 27th April, 2016]
  • Final version submission and Conference registration: 3rd May, 2016.
  • RoboCity16 Conference: 26th – 27th May, 2016.

The Conference will be held in Madrid (Spain) at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Venue address: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid – UPM, Street/Calle de José Gutiérrez Abascal 2 28006, Madrid, España. Tel.: + 34 91 3363061 | Fax: + 34 91 3363010


Organizations sponsoring the RoboCity16 Open Conference








The Conference Registration is free (no cost for the participants).

*Printed copies of Conference Proceedings will have a reduced cost.

The Conference Registration Form (including registration for “Robotize Your Idea” and “Brokerage Event”) is available for download here:


Please submit the Registration Form directly through the link below (e-mail):


Keynote Speakers

RC16_Alin-Albu-SchaefferAlin Albu-Schäffer
DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics (
Title of presentation: Soft-Robotics – A Paradigm for Interaction with Humans and Unknown Environments
May 26th, 2016

RC16_Javier Minguez_01Javier Minguez
Bitbrain Technologies (
Title of presentation: Neurotechnology: foundations, current applications and trends
May 27th, 2016


Preliminary Technical Program can be download here:


RoboCity16 Open Conference offers the next workshops, which have been selected by their level of interest and potential impact in the present-day Robotics.

WS1: Government involvement in robotics
The objective of this workshop is to update the present and future actions and programs in the field of robotics and related technologies from Governmental point of view. The participants will be from different administrations such as Municipality of Madrid, Community of Madrid, Ministry of Economy and Innovation and CDTI.


WS2: Robotics, arts and culture
Combining art and robotics is nothing new, but in recent years the creations dreamed by artists and roboticists are becoming more common. Robotics is very popular issue nowadays in media channels such as TV, cinema, press as well as in literature. The workshop will be the place to exchange different points of views and try to move beyond science fiction.


WS3: Educational robots
“Robotics and programming” is a mandatory subject in Schools and High Schools in the Community of Madrid. This is why the exchange of the best practices among Madrid´s educational authorities, subjects´ teachers and robotics companies is an important step towards the technological education of our students. In parallel, Educational Robotics trials for students will be running.


WS4: Robotics innovation (HispaRob)
HispaRob is the Spanish Robotics Technological Platform and has the mission to foster and coordinate the robotics innovations among the main stakeholders: companies, end-users and researchers. This workshop organized by HispaRob and with the participation of the main companies involved in robotics, will focus on the Robotics innovation in Spain.


WS5: Safety in collaborative robot applications
The possibility of working together man and robot in common areas, without the usual protection devices, opens up new possibilities and concepts in industry and production. Current regulations permits limited human-robot collaboration. Manufacturers, integrators and users of these robotic applications must take into account these legal limits.


WS6: Entrepreneurship in robotics
“We think our work is not only fun, but is the underpinning of what the next generation of robots will be able to do,” said Marc Raibert, the founder of Boston Dynamics. He also noted that the company maintains a start-up mentality. This workshop will bring together the representatives of the business investors, companies and experts in entrepreneurship in robotics. A brokerage event for Robotize Your Idea contest winners and young start-ups/spin-offs will be also organized.


WS7: Societal aspects of robotics
The implications of robotics in the new technological society will be very important. This is why several aspects need to be defined in a very near future: new legal regulations when robots coexist with humans, employment and robotics, new societal habits, etc. The presenters will be, among others, experts in Law, Sociology and Psychology.



We want to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and looking for the most disrupting robotics startups.

Registration for RoboCity16 Brokerage Event/Start-up is on the Registration Tab within the Registration Form (click “Brokerage event” and enter company name and website).
(Deadline for submission: 10th May 2016 [DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 23th MAY 2016]).

RoboCity16 Brokerage Event is an outstanding entrepreneurship event in robotics, automation and related technologies. It aims to foster the spirit of creation of robotics spin-offs, spin-outs and start-ups, and to provide a platform to exchange ideas, experience and business opportunities.

RoboCity16 will organize this event with major companies, experts and investors in these fields as advisors. The event is intended to inspire, enable and empower students, researchers and young professionals who have the “entrepreneurship bug” in starting a robotic technology based firm.

It will be organized in the format of personal advice with four fields, in each of them with 3-4 companies/investors on one side and 5-6 companies/ideas on the other. There are four basic thematic fields of interest:

  1. Service/healthcare robotics,
  2. Industrial/construction robotics,
  3. Aerospace/security robotics, and
  4. Education/entertainment robots.

Nevertheless, if these categories don’t match your proposal, please inform organizers. The rules of participation are the following:

  • Participation for young companies.
  • Pre-selection will be done according the category of interest and maturity of the company/idea.
  • The top three finalists in the competition Robotize Your Idea in each category will have access to these sessions.


  • The most innovative start-ups/ideas in each field will receive RoboCity2030 Entrepreneurship Award. Alejandro Vesga from Emprendedores magazine will present these awards.

  • RS Components Award to the initiative with the greatest growth potential: The prize of this award consists in 1,500 € in RS products.



Collaborating entity:





RoboCity16 Open Conference will be the opportunity to present, in a privileged scenario at the centre of Madrid, the latest advances in robotics from the point of view of the researchers and the robotics companies sponsoring this event.