The Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR) CSIC-UPM is a Joint Centre for Shared Ownership between the UPM and CSIC, founded in November 2009.


Research activities in CAR are focused on the fields of Control Engineering, Artificial Perception and Robotics that will mainly be applied in providing useful results to the Society.


CAR is involved in numerous projects and programs of the European Commission (H2020 and FP7), the Spanish National Plan, the CCAA programs and a great number of collaborations with companies.


Technological offer summarizes the most relevant capabilities of CAR. Each offer is supported by several projects of research and the corresponding publications and/or patents.

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By Lahulla Pastor
XL Jornadas de Automática 2019
September 18, 2019

Presentación de Dña. María Dolores del Castillo en las XL Jornadas de Automática 2019

Mesa Continue reading

By Lahulla Pastor
Un nuevo exoesqueleto del CSIC ayuda a caminar a niños con parálisis cerebral
July 17, 2019

La nueva tecnología promueve una terapia activa para la corrección de la postura durante Continue reading

By Lahulla Pastor
El primer niño que aprende a andar con un exoesqueleto: “Es una parte de mi cuerpo”
July 2, 2019

A sus ocho años, Álvaro no puede caminar, ni lavarse los dientes, ni comer Continue reading


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