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Title Two pre-doctoral positions Underwater swarm robots
Categories Junior Research
Salary Tuition fees
Start Date 2023-03-01
End Date 2028-03-01
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Call for two pre-doctoral positions Underwater swarm robots.

Individuals guided by a single mind….

Schools of fish are enormous groups formed by thousands and thousands of individuals, moving in a perfectly coordinated and syntonic manner.
First of all, the correct association between individuals is carried out thanks to the visual, acoustic and chemical information exchanged between them. For example, sounds produced by vibration of the swim bladders or by the action of teeth, bones and fin rays help keep the group together.

Profile #1: Mechanical or mechatronics engineer mainly with master degree in the same field.
General Objective: Mechanical design and prototyping the heterogeneous school of fish According to missions and tasks, we looking for creative bioinspired design able to be tested in real environment.
Knowledge: Kind of Sensors (teensy etc PCB ´ S, New materials, Optimization of resources waterproof sensors and motor.

Profile #2: Control, Software, Telecommunication engineer mainly with master degree in the same field including AI.
General Objective: Develop the “master mind” that guide the school of fish toward the mission optimizing the movements and the energy consumption among others, ensuring the success of the mission.
Knowledge: C++, ROS 2 Python, Simulink, Matlab or similar.

Scholarship for PhD studies at UPM.
Tuition fees.
Period: Mars 2024 - Mars 2028

Send CV, motivation and recommendation letters to::

Deadline: 15th December 2023
Resolution: 22nd December 2023

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